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SACC Summit in Boston – October 25th-26th



Glögg reception/Julluncheon Birmigham Country Club – Thursday, December 7th @ 11:30am

More details to follow once arrangements have been made.

Rivage Day SPA – Past Event

Rivage Day SPA

210 Old Woodward Ave, Suite 250 Birmingham, MI 48009

Is opening up their doors for SACC Members and Guests!

Tuesday, April 11th 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

You will be able to see the facilities and relax!

Network with members in a great atmosphere!
Wine, Beer, Sparkling Water
And Appetizers will be served
Members $10
Guests $20

Sign up and pay below. Last day for sign up is April 9th.
All pre-paid services and products will be 20% off

for SACC members and guests

Questions Call: Kicki Lidgren 586-850-3412

Pub Night Hamlin Corner March 2nd 2017 – Past Event

Pub Night at Hamlin Corner March 2nd 2017

A fun and interesting evening with Members and Guests, young and old getting together. This was more of a social and relaxed event, but some good ideas were born. Networking can be done in so many ways and places. You never know when you meet new people what that meeting can lead to. SACC believes that a meeting face to face, company to company is very important and could be very productive.

Connections! Connections!

You never know where it will take you.